Learner Wellbeing

Cross Age Play

We have a strong focus on learner wellbeing and social – emotional learning and support. We strongly believe that learner wellbeing is crucial to academic engagement and success. Our focus is on building connections through community for every child. We employ an additional part-time teacher to support students, staff and families in all areas of wellbeing and student support.

Our day to day program is focused on recognising each individual as an important part of our whole community. Our Rec – Yr 6 Home groups support students support all students to develop connections across the school with students of all ages and with all adults.

We run a variety of programs to support identified students in need of support for a range of reasons and link with local and statewide community services to support programs. Programs are mostly designed to cater for specific needs of individuals or groups and can be focused on such areas as: Leadership development, Self-awareness, self-regulation, emotional regulation, group work, collaboration or any other identified area.

Some of the community services and agencies we utilise to support students and families include:

  • Kickstart for Kids – Breakfast program
  • Kickstart for Kids – Mentor program
  • Baptist Community Care services – leadership for kids, drumming workshops, family counselling, financial counselling
  • Uniting Community Care services – group skills, workshops
  • Referral to local counselling and support services through Baptist Care, WCH, AutismSA etc