Felixstow Community School

Dedicated to high quality education in a community focused environment

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Dedicated to Excellence

Inclusive environment that encourages collaborative learning,communication, critical thinking and creativity.

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Learning in all environments

Positive, flexible, and collaborative learning environment that encourages academic, social and emotional growth

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Welcome to Felixstow Community School!

FCS is an inclusive community where there is a collaborative responsibility to inspire, challenge and support learners to ensure positive growth and life-long learning.

We have a strong focus on progressive education practices, inquiry based learning, literacy, numeracy and creative arts as a way of developing Global Competency skills for learning and life: Collaboration, Critical thinking, Communication, Creativity, Character and Citizenship (6C’s).

We accept expressions of interest from prospective parents throughout the year and those interested are encouraged to contact the school by way of telephone or e-mail or by using the contact form to get information. In order to gain more insight into our program, parents should attend a school tour with the principal.

School News


Dream Big Excursion

Last Thursday Felixstow students went on the Dream Big excursion. The Primary students enjoyed a performance at the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, while the…

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Easter Fun!

On Tuesday, the Easter Bunny hopped by Felixstow Community School for an early visit! The Juniors enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in the classrooms and…

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Star Dome Excursion

On Monday, 22nd March, Felixstow Community School walked to the local community centre for an experience with SciWorld. The students learnt about space relating to…

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School Times

Duty of care starts at 8.30am
School day starts at 8.50am
Day ends at 3.10pm
OSHC available to 6.00pm

OSHC program

Our OSHC operates an after school program every day until 6.00pm and a before school care when there are enough bookings from 7.30am.


If you have a child under school age join us for playgroup every Tuesday morning during term times from 9 - 10.30am.

Principal Tours

To find out more about our school book in for a Principal tour by calling 8365 7183.
Principal tours are held regularly.

Creative Arts

Our students enjoy a rich creative arts experience. With students involved in weekly Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance instruction.

" The Education of Tomorrow, Rooted in Tradition"

Our purpose is to provide an inclusive community of learning where there is a collaborative responsibility to inspire, challenge and support learners to ensure positive growth and life-long learning with a strong focus on progressive education practices and 21st Century dispositions for learning and life.