PE, Health & Community

We employ a specialist P.E. & Health teacher two days per week to engage students in extensive learning in these areas. Learning varies between sport specific skills based learning, personal health and fitness, team games, collaborative activities, accessing local community sporting facilities, wellbeing, mindfulness and a range of health and fitness related learning.

As a small site we are creative about how we offer opportunities for students to engage in a range of sporting, fitness and wellbeing programs. For example over the past year students have accessed:

  • Lawn Bowls at Payneham Bowls club
  • Golf at Lochiel Park Golf range
  • Volleyball SA clinics
  • AFL clinics – with local football clubs
  • Tai Chi workshops
  • Cross Country in our local area
  • Swimming at the Payneham Pool
  • Hockey Clinics

We endeavor to expose students to a variety of opportunities that demonstrate healthy living and community involvement. A strong focus throughout our PE, Health and Community program is on practicing having a growth mindset along with collaboration and team work.

Other Sports opportunities:

SAPSASA (South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association): We endeavour to provide opportunities for students to participate in SAPSASA sports events in a range of areas throughout the year. These opportunities are arranged by our PE teacher.

 Sports Teams: Team sports are reliant on parent volunteers. In the past, we have had volleyball, soccer, AFL and basketball teams that are parent-led. We encourage any parent or family member to start and manage sports teams if they are available.

Other sports opportunities: Sporting activities can be organised as Children’s University clubs during playtimes or after school one off clinics. These activities are reliant on community volunteers.

 Swimming and Aquatics: We access the Payneham Pool for Reception – Year 5 DECD Swimming lessons once per year and the West Lakes Aquatics Centre for the year 6 DECD Aquatics program once per year.

Hot Shot Tennis Programme

Personal Fitness