Auslan is Australian Sign Language, the native language of the Australian Deaf community. Communicating in Auslan requires the use of handshapes in various orientations, locations and movements accompanied by facial expressions.

Learning Auslan introduces Felixstow students to a new culture and community. The benefits of learning Auslan for students are:

  • Increases memory retention
  • Improves motion processing
  • Improves reaction times
  • Develops hand eye co ordination
  • Creates opportunities for communication with the deaf and/or the nonverbal community

Our staff have engaged in personal development courses by Deaf Can Do and will continue to in the future. Staff will begin teaching the language to students by focussing on introductory phrases followed by pronouns, feelings, questions, colours and adjectives. This program will use role play of real life situations and a range of games and activities to create immersion opportunities for students.