We have a strong focus on explicit literacy learning across the school. All students are involved in a literacy block 4 times per week, guided reading and explicit instruction in the ‘Big 6’ of literacy.

Literacy is the key element and foundation for learning in all areas and is integrated throughout our Inquiry Learning. All staff access high quality PD opportunities to ensure they are able to cater for the vast variety of needs. We have high expectations of every student and expect every student will achieve a high level of understanding and comprehension of literacy strategies and skills which will ensure lifelong engagement in strong literacy practices in a range of contexts.

The planning and programming of English is designed to give students opportunities to:

  • Develop strong literacy skill in all areas of the ‘Big 6’ of literacy
  • Develop positive dispositions and transferable skills for powerful learning
  • To be literate citizens of the world who can communicate clearly their thinking using a range of methods
  • Use English in real life situations

‘BIG 6’ of Literacy:

  1. Oral Language
  2. Phonics
  3. Phonemic Awareness
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Fluency
  6. Comprehension