Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Learning

As a whole site (Rec – Year 6) we plan for Inquiry Learning as an integrated unit encompassing all learning areas including elements of:

  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Design & Technologies
  • Digital Technologies
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Literacy

As a staff we are committed to quality process and skill based learning through integrated inquiry learning approaches.

The focus in our Inquiry Units are: Ethical and moral understandings and development, General Capabilities (Australian Curriculum), Design thinking and Building Learning Power practices. The learning is heavily focused on skills, processes and understanding in context rather than curriculum content knowledge.

Our aim within our Inquiry learning is to provide ‘non-googlable’ learning opportunities which encourage the 6 C’s of 21st Century learning: COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, CRITICAL THINKING, CHARACTER, CITIZENSHIP and CREATIVITY.

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Approaches to Learning: 

INQUIRY BASED LEARNING  (Lutheran Education Queensland)