Our Staff

Our educators

All our staff (teachers and support staff) are skilled educators and contribute to the development of a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment for all students and families. All staff apply to work at our school and are committed to enacting the vision for the school through care, compassion, commitment and a high level of professional practice and dedication to learning .

Our current staff structure is as follows:

Principal: Skye van Heusden

Class Teachers:

  • Juniors Teachers: Tuula Roppola and Nicole Saunders
  • Primary Teachers: Laura Batchford and Lauren Ising

Specialist teachers:

  • Wellbeing and student support: Chantal Rainsford
  • PE, Health & Community: Kamal Poudel
  • Visual Arts: Camille Jenkinson

Support Staff: 

  • Business Manager: Gillian Hodges
  • Admin/Class support:
    • Kelly Hunter-Wright
    • Diane Larter-Conway
    • Jenny Doherty
    • Marissa Boorman
    • Maddi Olson
    • India Pachulicz
  • Groundsperson: Jenny Doherty
  • Playgroup/OSHC Director: Hannah Gustard