Get Involved

Parent and community involvement is encouraged to add value to the programs offered at FCS and provide additional opportunities for students.

There are a range of ways to become involved including joining Governing Council, supporting in class learning programs, running Children’s University activities, fundraising, sports programs, events, excursions or any other ideas in negotiation with class teachers or the Principal.

Governing Council:

FCS has a Governing Council and 2 sub-committees that support decision making in the school:

  • OSHC
  • Finance

Parents can design projects and put proposals to the school for approval, support in learning programs, mentoring programs, fundraising, events & excursions. Parents are encouraged to contribute to these on an ongoing basis. Activities and support can also be negotiated with class teachers or the principal.

Download Community Proposal Form here

 NB: All parent volunteers who are working to support programs or students across the school require a Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) clearance and Reporting Abuse & Neglect (R.A.N.) training before commencing volunteer work. We encourage ALL families to go through this process so they can be involved at a deeper level in the school culture and learning environment.