Our Community

Community Code of Conduct

As a community member of FCS, it is essential that everyone follows the following responsibilities:

When on the property of the school, attending events and in all dealings, including phone and email contact it is expected community members will:

  • demonstrate our school values at all times
  • maintain respectful relationships with staff members, students and other families
  • raise all concerns, issues and problems in accordance with the school’s documented grievance    procedures
  • refrain from impolite, abusive or offensive behaviour or language towards staff, students or other families
  • be respectful of the school’s environment
  • respect the professional boundaries of staff
  • respect cultural differences of staff and other families
  • arrive and collect children on time
  • be aware of school policies and guidelines and seek clarification of how these policies are interpreted when necessary
  • not be adversely affected by alcohol or other drugs
  • not smoke on or near premises
  • report any faulty equipment or unsafe procedures that come to your attention to a staff member.