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Felixstow students attended the opening day of the Dream Big Children’s Festival. Along with 2000 other children from across Adelaide, they formed a choir that sung the song we’re all in this together across the footbridge in the city. The Junior students were then treated to a performance based on the best-selling children’s book ‘The Gruffalo.’ The performance had sold out in countries around the […]
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On the 10th of May, 18 Felixstow students took part in the 2019 trials for the South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association (SAPSASA). We are very proud of the growth mindset our students displayed. It was a great day for all!
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Felixstow students enjoyed an interactive tour at the Migration Museum to further explore this terms inquiry topic ‘People’s stories from the past are important.’  The tour gave the Junior students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the past through dress ups and games. The Primary students were guided through a timeline of Australia’s migration history and given powerful comparisons of […]
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