The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Mahdavi Parker Parent Workshop

Increasing Wellbeing and Resilience in Young People:

On Wednesday May 30th, we had a fantastic turn out of parents from FCS and our partnership schools and kindergartens to listen to Madhavi  Nawana Parker talk about ways to increase wellbeing and resilience in our children.

Some key points from the session include:

  • Parenting is a challenge! We need to be kinder to ourselves and we don’t have to know what to do in every situation.
  • We need to focus on compassion and care for each other and talk about the hardships in life.
  • Social media provides us with false images, the highlights of people’s lives, not the everyday.
  • To support our children to develop emotional resilience they need to realise that nothing external to themselves (especially material objects) will provide them with happiness.
  • Kids have way more than they need and growth comes from time away from ‘things’. Boredom is a platform for creativity!
  • Devices are designed to be addictive and children get hooked on a high level of stimulation.
  • It’s ok for our children to have feelings, that’s normal, no one is happy 100% of the time. We want them to be able to identify these feelings and adults shouldn’t jump to make them happy again through our eternal input.
  • Children don’t need their Mum and Dad to rescue them, they need them to acknowledge their feelings and love them.
  • Don’t offer solutions to their problems, a ‘fix it’ mode leads to learned helplessness which can lead to anxiety. Problem solving skills are key to resilience.
  • To build resilience you need two ingredients:
  1. Gratitude – share three things you are grateful for every day (both adults and children)
  2. Kindness, Compassion and Empathy

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